AI driven, music-triggered brain state therapy for pain, sleep, stress, gait

The Sync Project has developed a novel, music-based, non-pharmaceutical approach to treating pain, sleep, and stress, Parkinson’s gait issues.

Recent studies showed Parkinson’s patients improved their gait when listening to a song with the right beat pattern, and post surgery patients used 1/3 the amount of self-administered morphine after listening to an hour of music

Lifestyle applications include Unwind, an app detects ones heartbeat, and responds with relaxing music (customized by machine learning tools) to aid sleep, and the Sync Music Bot, which uses Spotify to deliver daily music to enhance work, relaxation, and exercise.

With further clinical validation, the non-invasive, precision approach could replace drugs for better, targeted, personalized interventions.

Join ApplySci at Wearable Tech + Digital Health + NeuroTech Boston on September 19, 2017 at the MIT Media Lab – featuring  Joi Ito – Ed Boyden – Roz Picard – George Church – Nathan Intrator –  Tom Insel – John Rogers – Jamshid Ghajar – Phillip Alvelda – Michael Weintraub – Nancy Brown – Steve Kraus – Bill Geary – Mary Lou Jepsen – Daniela Rus

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